A graphic design studio? to do what?


Among all the solutions that exist, what is a graphic design studio? What’s the point? and for what needs?

A graphic design studio or graphic studio is a company specializing in the creation of print and digital media such as the design of a site, an application or animated videos in 2D or 3D (we speak of Motion Design). As its name suggests, a graphic studio only does original creation. No automation or prefabricated creations there are already solutions of this type which are more or less professional. If your goal is to really set you apart from your competition and have a unique concept, these studios are here for you.
Your needs:

Before contacting us, consider defining your goals and needs. What are your projects in terms of communication, the objectives to be implemented, the elements that you need?

Make yourself a clear and precise list. This will serve as a basis and you can refine your project and interview several studios, to see if they have the capacity to meet your expectations. You then draw up specifications, including the request (s) you wish to entrust to your studio, also specifying your constraints.
To conclude,

Give preference to studios whose creativity meets your expectations, with quality references and a dedicated contact person at your service. When you choose a studio it’s for the long term, you have to follow your instincts and work with the one that suits you well.

source soledadcrea.com