Why choose us ?

I am Mr Escafit Eddy, founder and manager of the Stellar Legend graphic design studio. I am going to discuss with you the qualities that my company puts at your service for your communication projects.

Escafit Eddy

Escafit Eddy

Founder and manager

The Foundation of Stellar Legend


We have to come back to March 2017, while creating a logo I told myself that nowadays there are many DIY solutions or logo manufacturing, flyers among other things is for reasons of competitiveness is, automated, sanitized, industrialized, we use models to go faster and cheaper. it has simply become a common product where we grant a modest budget because it will not be of interest to put more. After all a logo is a logo, who cares! is not it. In the end, it becomes like a camembert made from pasteurized milk, which without being totally similar to the others, they are all a little familiar. But how do you make your product stand out if it looks a lot like another? communication today is a bit like a copy of Airpods© almost at the same price as the originals, the price is attractive but it does not do everything.

Sad observation, it is on this one that I had the idea to create Stellar Legend©. But what are we? An umpteenth structure to make outrageous industrialized communication or a craft company that takes the time with you to create the communication of your dreams, one that only looks like your company, you its manager and / or its creator? Stellar legend © is the second answer.

I want to create amazing things that will amaze your customers and your target customers. For this, I provide a high-end service by infusing your communication with your vision of the sector, your way of being, everything that makes your company unique in the world. Simply what sets you apart from the rest, Stellar Legend puts it forward.


Expertise & Advice

We do not hesitate to inform the client about the intrinsic meaning of their communication project, how their target clientele can react to it.

We make suggestions to improve projects, free for the client to take them into account or not.

Stand out from all

Having one basic idea is good, but often it can look like another. This is particularly the case for automatic or DIY creations.

You can be the millionth to request a communication project on the same theme, our creations will be unique each time.

Your Com'

A communication project communicates by its content but also by its layout, by these colors, its shape.

Your communication must reflect this desire, this little extra that comes from you and that sets you apart from others. We take this aspect into account, to make your communication lively, personal and that speaks to your customers.

Premium service

We personally check the quality of the files and the print if you entrust it to us. It is unpleasant to get a call from the printer and find that the printed product contains errors, because it always comes at a significant cost.