Why create a logo for your company or association?

A logo is essential to communicate and support you in the commercial strategy of your company.

Creating a logo is the first step in your communication strategy. Also called a logotype, the logo is a graphic representation of your business. Its function is to reinforce its image while remaining in the minds of customers. It must imperatively stand out from your competitors. When creating your logo, you will be asked to think about and choose its colors and typography. The colors and typography chosen for your logo will in fact constitute your visual identity, of which it will form the basis. it is an essential step before communicating via print or digital media.

Print media:

  • Business card,
  • Business brochure,
  • Flyer, leaflet, product sheet,
  • Poster, roll up,
  • Envelope, letterhead,
  • Vehicle marking,
  • Bilboards,
  • Packaging,….

Digital Media:

  • Website, blog,
  • Applications,
  • Social networks,
  • Newsletter, …

Each of these uses impose constraints, here are some of them:

  • The shape: square, round or rectangular,
  • Size: small or large,
  • The colors: four-color or monochrome or both on two versions.

To create an effective logo whatever the communication medium, you will have to take into account all these constraints and provide variations. To do this, we use mockups which will serve as tests.

Do not confuse the logo and the pictogram, because they do not have the same use. The logo represents the company or a brand while the pictogram symbolizes a meaning (action, object, software, symbol) and it can be used to make a connection.

Create a logo for your business?

Creating a professional logo requires graphic design skills, creativity, and proficiency in graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator.

Once designed, your logo should be vector to adapt to all communication media, whether small or large. Whether for the creation or redesign of your logo, the cost of your logo will depend on the number of initial proposals, the number of variations and the cost of the rights session.

This is why it is essential for you to know what you want and how much budget you can invest before deciding on the choice of a provider. In any case, be aware that creating a « free » logo is ultimately not that free.

The logo will not be vectorized in most cases or it will be limited to one or two formats (jpg, png, tiff, ai, eps, svg, css), enlarging or shrinking it will pixelate the logo and will distort its quality.

What are the differences between creating a logo through DIY solutions or a freelance designer / Communication Agency / design studio?

  • An exclusive and unique logo,
  • Use on all print or digital media,
  • Advice from a communications professional,
  • A deliverable including vector sources and exploitable formats for all your communication media.


To conclude,

Calling on a graphic designer, creative studio or communication agency is the guarantee of having a professional and efficient result. In addition, your logo will be vector, unique in relation to the storyboard (if there is one) and declined for all the communication media you will need. Before creating your logo, it is essential to project yourself in a few years, your logo must support the development of your business. Do not hesitate to send a creative brief to the graphic designer who will ensure its creation, the more precise the brief, the more relevant the first proposals will be.


source anthedesign.fr