How much does communication actually cost?

The creation of media for a communication strategy (logos, posters, flyers, website, etc.) at a cost of € 0 to € 500,000 or more.

But what is the real cost of creating your media?

The communication media represent your brand, your company or your institution. Your communication media make you known. They must best represent the image and values ​​of your company, this can be reflected in the choice of a particular color, symbol or typography.

The creation of a medium cannot be improvised, they often constitute the meeting point between a brand and a consumer, as such it plays a key role in the notoriety and the seduction strategy of any company. It must be the result of a careful balance between the sociological trends of the moment and the values ​​dear to your company. A logo must also be meaningful and aim for timelessness, you don’t change your communication strategy every day, a successful medium evolves over time without getting a wrinkle.

How to successfully create an effective medium?

To successfully design your support, you must first meet certain essential criteria and then formalize them in specifications or in a return of a creative brief.

The support must both:

  • Attract attention, convey an emotion, an unforeseen event, a questioning,
  • Be recognizable, readable and easily identifiable,
  • Be meaningful, it must clearly fit into your company’s strategy,
  • Be memorable, simple and allow instant identification,
  • Be durable, for example your company logo must be able to last at least 10 years,
  • Be “international” if you are present in several countries, pay attention to pronunciation and reading in foreign languages.

To put the odds on your side, give him a clear and detailed brief or specifications. A complete brief followed by an interview will allow the graphic designer to make relevant and creative proposals that meet both your objectives and your world, avoiding any source of confusion or resemblance to other existing logos.


What is the cost of creating a logo?

For the creation or redesign of your logo, several options are available to you in terms of creation, depending on your choice, the cost of creation will range from almost free to several thousand euros. Do not hesitate to compare several quotes before making your decision. To compare several quotes, you must make an identical request to different agencies, graphic designers or studios, do not hesitate to specify the number of initial proposals that you want and be wary of those which impose a limited number of round trips. You must also find the characteristics of the deliverable (several formats, variations, assignment of rights, etc.).

The creation of a medium is the result of a long journey, several discussions, exploration and the know-how of a graphic designer. It cannot be completely free, a professional graphic designer, an agency or a studio will not offer you his work just as you would not sell your products for nothing, beware of too tempting offers many companies do have completely work. sloppy or even non-existent.


Self-creation or Do It Yourself, the most economical

If you are passionate about graphics and you are familiar with the software of the Adobe suite, you can embark on your own in creating your media. If, on the other hand, you have no skills in graphics,Do not engage in self-creation or DIY, but above all avoid creating your support with Word. You will have to redo everything as soon as you want to print it on a large format or just print it because it does not include specific functions related to printing and communication media. There are sites or applications, which offers you a follow-up and or thousands of possible combinations.


« Free » supports that are not really free.

You can see on the internet, creations of free logo or free site, Vistaprint and WIX for example. There are also applications. The design phase is pretty well done on these sites. The result is visible fairly quickly, without even having to write a specification. For logo design at Vistaprint, Their software offers you a wide choice of logos and you just have to choose the one you want. Flat and disappointment, when downloading your precious logo, it turns out that the creation of the logo is not really free, you have to pay to download your creation, an « automated or mock-up » logo, often not vector, which can only be used on a white background and with the risk of a logo strangely resembling that of your competitor. It’s a bit the same for WIX you have themes you can use but they are limited in designing a web design that would be unique to you. There is a huge risk that it will look like other sites.

Advice : If you have the means to do otherwise, avoid this inexpensive solution, it is still interesting in the context of starting a business on a very tight budget, but far from ideal.


Support from communication agencies, web agencies, design studios and an independent graphic designer.

When you hire a professional to create your media, you are purchasing a creative service. The result obtained is only the final materialization of an intellectual reflection.

The creation budget can vary from simple to tenfold depending on various parameters such as the notoriety of your company, the potential number of media, the reputation of the chosen agency, …


What do we find in the cost of a communication medium?

Costs related to the request of the client company:

  • The constraints imposed by the specifications,
  • Additional research to be carried out such as the name, legal watch, competitive intelligence, trademark registration if it is not done, search for a signature (slogan or baseline)
  • The number of models and variations to offer,
  • The number of revisions granted,
  • The scope of the graphic charter,
  • The integration of additional thinking for the visual identity.


Costs related to the creative part:

  • The time spent to define with you the specifications,
  • The time spent carrying out thematic and competitive research to understand the creative universe to be transcribed,
  • The estimated time to design proposals,
  • The time for presenting (and retouching) the supports,
  • The time spent designing the supports.


To conclude:

finally the question « How much does a logo cost? » Is quite comparable to the question « How much does a motorbike, a car, a house cost? » », As many valid answers as there are models.